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Incentive Maker overview

How it works in a nutshell

  • You control and configure games, chosen from our game library.
  • You award your staff points which are used to take turns at each game.
  • Sometimes they might win a spot prize, sometimes not.
  • The more turns they have, the better chance they have of winning a prize.

Top of the Heap

  • All games have leader boards, so you can see who the best (or the luckiest) players are.
  • Games are configured to have an end date, so you could have daily, weekly or even monthly games.
  • You can have multiple games running simultaneously.
  • You could award star prizes for each game's best performers.

Keep all your staff motivated

Simple leader board systems are fine but they have a problem:

  • They tend to only motivate the players at the top of the board.
  • Players toward the bottom of the table, lose interest quickly.
  • As the game continues, more and more players have less chance of winning.

Thats why we award spot prizes randomly:

  • This keeps all of your staff striving hard, throughout the entire game to win points.
  • Even the poorest workers know if they work hard, they could win a prize.

Games, Games, Games

  • We have many different types of game in the library.
  • Some games are based purely on luck, others require some skill and strategy.
  • The games are designed to be simple to learn and easy to play.
  • The turns are short - some take seconds, most games take less than 1 minute to play.
  • Our games library is always growing.

Increase staff performance by up to 48%

Studies have shown that game-based incentives can be up to twice as effective as traditional employee incentive schemes.

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Simple pricing plans
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We have four simple plans to suit companies of all sizes. All our plans include all the features and can be cancelled at any time.

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Brings fun to the workplace

Staff morale is a key factor in any workplace. Our games help bring competition and excitement to your work environment.

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