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What is Incentive Maker and how can it be used to benefit your company or organisation?

Incentive Maker is an online application, that makes it quick and easy for anyone to build and implement a professional staff reward and recognition programme for their company using our template based system, with very little investment and with no technical skills. Incentive Maker uses game-based incentive technology that helps to motivate, increase loyalty and increase staff performance levels.

Why game-based incentives?

Because in studies, 91% of employees felt that games helped them to focus on organisational goals. Add to this the ability to arrange employees into teams for added competition, either within a single location, nationally or internationally and you could see staff performance increase by an incredible 44%.

Staff incentives are a great way to show employees they’re valued, they help to increase staff morale and productivity while reducing absenteeism and can also be used as part of your corporate social responsibility programme (eg. rewarding staff for cutting carbon emissions by cycling to work, community charity work, etc).


Add your company branding

Incentive Maker is a white label product, allowing you to rebrand it free of charge, to make it appear part of your company's reward and recognition programme.

It can be implemented in minutes. Simply select one of our many incentive templates, add your employees, add rewards and you're ready to go.

When you subscribe, you'll also receive your own unique website address that includes your company's name. Access to which is through a safe and secure log-in process.

Pay per user, not per incentive

You only pay for the number of users (employees) using Incentive Maker, not for the number of new incentive programmes you implement.

Create teams

Incentive Maker, makes it easy to group individuals into teams. Evidence suggests that incentive programmes are more effective when teams of employees compete against one and other.


Activity dashboard

The activity dashboard feature gives management and employees a quick overview of recent rewards and achievements by those participating in their incentive programme.

You can track how your incentive programme is progressing in real-time; who is being rewarded for what and with what type of reward.

Incentive administration tasks are made easier thanks to automated emails that are sent to employees when introducing to a new incentive, or when they are rewards for meeting companies objectives, through the dashboard


Budget reward management

You decide which types of rewards, and the number of rewards to include in your incentive programme.

This gives you a greater control over the total budget for their staff incentive programme.

You decide the number and types of rewards to award your employees for achieving their objectives, be it cash, vouchers, a day off work, in fact anything you can think of.


Awarding points

Use the management tool to instantly award points to staff that meet your company's objectives. These points can be then used to play a quick game with a variety of possible rewards.

You can also see which employees are the highest achievers, as individuals or as part of a team.

Compare the data against other individuals or against other team locations.

Great reasons to use Incentive Maker to motivate your staff

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