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Frequently Asked Questions

These are just a few of our commonly asked questions. If you can't find an answer here, contact us with your question.

Q What do the individual incentives look like?
A Each of Incentive Maker's employee incentive programmes are very different from each other and offer a variety of different features. Go to the video section to view what some of them look like.
Q How many incentives can I use?
A When you subscribe to Incentive Maker, you can use as many of the individual staff incentive programmes as you like for the duration of your subscription.
Q What prizes are available?
A We don't supply prizes, they are completely down to you, so you can use any rewards you want. It is even possible to use forfeits. For ideas, please see our blog post on prizes ideas.
Q Are the games for individuals or teams?
A Both, each game is designed to work on an individual and team level.
Q Is there a maximum or minimum limit to the number of staff I can incentivise with Incentive Maker?
A No, you can add as many, or as few as you like.
Q What software do I need?
A The only thing you'll need is a web browser. Whilst we do support Internet Explorer 8, for the best experience we'd recommend a modern browser such as Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
Q Does Incentive Maker integrate with any 3rd party software
A We don't offer any 3rd party integration. There are a vast range of employee performance monitoring systems, so we have decided to no tie ourselves into external systems. We also aren't tied in with any rewards systems, so you are free to use whatever prizes you want.