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About Incentive Maker

Incentive Maker was developed after the original core team were asked by several clients to help them create incentive games for their staff. After looking around we soon became frustrated at the lack of quality and flexibility in the existing systems out there. As a result we decided we needed to build our own system.

The key goals for the team were to build a system that didn't require any technical setup for the clients, was easy to use, and wasn't tied into any rewards systems.

The team behind Incentive Maker is made up of developers, designers and most importantly have a people who have a soft spot for making sure our working environments are fun places to be.

We care what you think. We want to work with you, our clients, to build a system that works for you. We want to help you incentivise your teams, so everyone can have fun

Our vision

To take the power of modern technologies and systems to build an incentivisation platform, that can be used by anyone, with minimal fuss. For team leaders, Incentive Maker is here to help you create new and fun incentive ideas for your staff easily. We'll keep increasing our games library for you, so you don't have to worry about thinking of new ways to incentivise your team.

Each part of the system, especially the games have been carefully considered to minimise disruptions to your day, so whether you are a team leader configuring new games, or a game player just taking your turn, Incentive Maker will not take up your time, or get in your way.

Meet the team

The people that help to bring you Incentive Maker.

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